Mark J. Donnelly
associate creative director

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Vimeo: The Decade

At SXSW, Vimeo celebrated ten years of Staff Picks by creating The Decade, a fully immersive theatre experience dedicated to 100 of the most iconic Vimeo Staff Pick films. From a custom marquee, to moving film posters and themed concessions, we left no detail untouched as we paid homage to the greatest Vimeo films and their creators.

We even brought a few Staff Pick films to life by remaking Danny DeVito's Curmudgeons with foul-mouthed plants, a tiny theater for Marcel the Shell to showcase his work, had Hi Stranger do real life portraits, then Jim Carrey heard we were recreating his studio from the film I Needed Color and gave us some of his art for a real gallery show. I could keep going because we did so much more but there's a case study for that at the bottom.

Communication Arts Advertising Competition 2018, Non-Traditional Advertising - Winner